Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I was thinking yesterday. I can't remember what the original thought was (I have some sort of sinus infection, so my brain is like mud). Anyway, whatever I was thinking about brought me to the realization that things aren't changed for the benefit of existing customers. They are changed to bring new customers into the fold. That's understandable, from a certain perspective. A business can't remain a business if it isn't making money. I have issues with the notion, though, when it is applied to D&D.

I've refrained from posting about D&DWhatever, aside from some initial optimism. There are plenty of blogs and forum posts for those interested. I highly recommend Eric's insightful analyses at Tenkar's Tavern. He breaks down posts by the development team from the perspective of a guy that's been in the hobby a while and seen edition wars.

This is a little different, though. I'm not worrying about mechanics and the like. I'm really not worrying over that aspect. If they fuck it up (again), I'll always have OD&D. No, this is more about doing business and insulting my intelligence.

Isn't it ironic that in the oddest circumstances we can find moments of great clarity and lucidity? If only we could express them as clearly and eloquently as we experience them. Somewhere in my mud-brain a stunningly brilliant insight just formed, but I can't seem to grasp it.

The evil Wizard of the Coast casts Confusion, make a saving throw.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that I find it insulting that TSR/WotC/Hasbro stopped caring about me a long time ago. Now, they're trying to "bring me back to the fold". The very fold they caused me to leave, because they needed "new blood" in the hobby. All of a sudden my old blood is just the ticket to revitalize the game. They abandoned us to our own devices and we've formed a thriving community of outcasts, our own little Island of Misfit Toys. Now, they want to tap into us. I guess they figuring we've been feasting on free OSR games for so long we must have some gaming-budget-surplus.

I say we install some shore batteries and meet them on the beach. We'll throw their D&DFrankenstein invasion back into the sea and get back to our misfit toys.

PS> I know this post isn't typical, but I'm posting it as-is. I'm not a professional writer and this isn't a professional blog. I'm just a guy sitting at home at a desk, beating my gums about gaming. I'm hoping this is entertaining, if nothing else.

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  1. Ooo, I like that parallel to the Island of Misfit Toys. Top marks there. And I agree. Even when they went and put out AD&D again, at no point did I jump up and secure one. Why should I? Labyrinth Lord alone is fun enough, and that was put out for those who didn't or no longer possessed the original books from yester-year, not just to reel us back in like fish from a barrel.