Monday, October 14, 2019

Skill Resolution in Classic Traveller


The Foundational Elements
  • All skills are tied to an attribute
  • Some skills are usable untrained, some are not
  • No DMs based on skill levels

The Basics
  • If Skilled Roll 2D under relevant attribute
  • If Unskilled Roll 3D under relevant attribute

The Rest
  • If Skilled at least one level, may attempt skill a number of times equal to level
  • If Skilled at zero level (Skill-0) roll 2D under, with a DM-1

Example: Delmar O'Donnell is the chief mechanic on a ship hurtling toward a certain doom following an encounter with an Oolatran corvetter. Delmar is a pretty fair mechanic (Engineer-2), and smart as a whip besides (INT B). Thus, he can make two attempts, rolling 11 or less, to affect the necessary repairs to his ship's drive.

Note: There may be instances where multiple rolls may be attempted in order to determine a degree of success, or wherein a certain number of successes may be required. These cases will be determined by the referee. It may also be possible to make matters worse by attempting to further one's success. This is the Leave Well Enough Alone rule.

I think covers it. Any comments would be appreciated. If anyone actually uses this, I would love to hear how it runs.
N.B. I conceived this for Classic Traveller (including Cepheus Engine). I'm not entirely sure how it might work with other editions/iterations. I would be very curious to learn if anyone uses it thus.