Friday, April 8, 2011

The Perils of a Short Attention Span

So. As I mentioned previously, I don't have a group. One of the consequences of that is that once my initial backlog of ideas are exhausted, my mind begins to wander.
Now, it's happening again. It can be rather dizzying. Sometimes I go directly from one game to another. Sometimes, I just get away from a game and sort of wander around until I settle on one. Since last I posted, I've skimmed Tunnels & Trolls, and two editions of Runequest, as well as briefly perusing DragonQuest.
Then, I re-stumbled onto a dear old friend. In a by-gone time, I stumbled across The Fantasy Trip. It was the first RPG I had ever seen outside D&D. I knew of Traveller and had seen the covers, but never gotten a look inside. Anyway, I love TFT very much, but as soon as I started reading it again, I was immediately thinking of GURPS systems and subsystems I would be porting over. Before I knew it, the thought occurred to me that I may as well be looking at GURPS.
So, I am. Who knows how long this dalliance will endure, or what it may lead me to write. Hopefully, you'll stick around to find out.
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