Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Little Chunk of Gaming History

So, I'm kicking around RPGNow this afternoon, and what should I find?

It seems that one of the stretch goals of the Deluxe T&T kickstarter was a re-issue of 1st edition T&T. It is only $1.95. It includes a new forward by Ken St. Andre. It is endlessly fascinating to me that our hobby grew to such lofty heights from such humble beginnings. This is a scan of the original deal, and it looks like it. It looks as if it went straight from Ken's typewriter to a high school mimeograph machine. It practically smells like an English test. It even looks like the pages were hand-numbered, either as an afterthought or due to technical limitations. I love this sort of thing. My hard drive is almost a museum of the hobby and this is a welcome "piece" in my collection. Get it here, if you want a glimpse into our collective past.

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