Saturday, November 16, 2013

Delving Deeper Barbarian

This is an idea I've been contemplating for a while. It is based on the Barbarian from White Dwarf #4, along with the skill system suggested by the Thief.

The Barbarian

HD as Fighter
Same XP and Attack Column as Cleric
Any weapons, excepting crossbows
Any armor (Chain imposes a -1 penalty to certain skill rolls, Plate imposes a -2)
  • +2 bonus to the following saving throws: normal elemental effects (such as desert heat or arctic cold), poison, and disease
  • Should a barbarian fail a saving throw vs Fear, he flies into a fit of rage, attacking the cause of the fear with a +2 to-hit and damage. This attack is single-minded, ignoring any other threats. During this rage, the barbarian's AC is increased by 2.
  • Barbarians are canny fighters, and difficult to hit. AC is one better, no matter what armor is worn.
  • A barbarian's opponents are oft-times unprepared for the suddeness and ferocity of his initial attack. If the barbarian has initiative, his first attack is devastating. Consult the following table:

To-hit bonus

  • Barbarians are very cagey and alert to danger. If awake and alert, they are at -1 to be surprised, and at 6th level and above, they are never surprised.
  • Barbarians are consummate outdoorsmen. As such they possess the following skills:

    Survival (Finding water, suitable shelter site/materials, fire making)
    Foraging (Hunting*, edible plants)
    Stalking (Hiding and Moving Silently)*

    *Affected by the armor penalty, if applicable.

    These skills are successful on a d6 roll of 3+. However, this only applies to the barbarian's “home environment”. In other environments, they are successful on rolls of 5+.