Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where to from Here?

Well, I know BtPG is far from being a final product, but with the core skeleton in place my ADD is demanding a change. To be honest, a lot of what's left on that project is stuff I consider either things that would be specific to a given campaign (such as encounter tables) or stuff that I consider downright tedious and just as easy to poach from another system.

So, I find myself in that in-between angst, unsure of direction. I've had a brief flirtation with DCC, but I'm having a hard time getting past all the dice. I understand how to use my d8 as a d7 and all that, it's not a worry about having the weird die types. I don't want to have to keep straight when to use which one, let alone teach someone. After almost 36 years of D&D, the usual dice are hard-coded into my brain, but to learn when to use a d14 vs a d16, or how radical the odds shift when I add +1 to a 3d5 roll is more than I want to deal with.

I started thumbing through ACKS again, since it was cut short by my design efforts. I was thinking it may be fun to sketch up a map and randomly generate a kingdom or something. I have the hex-map random terrain article from Welsh Piper which should compliment the stuff in ACKS pretty well, so I may work on that and post about my progress. Who knows?


  1. If you are looking to randomly generate a hex map, let me also point you to Dave Arneson's methods given in the FFC (I've put them all together in CoZ ((Fight On! 12)), but you can get them straight from the source in the FFC. I'd also suggest having a look at Victor Raymond's Wilderness Architect articles. They are really good.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up, I had forgotten about Mr Arneson's methods, and I'm not even aware of Mr Raymond's articles. This is starting to shape up into a pleasantly diverting little project.