Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Rather Radical Setting Idea

I'm mainly writing this here so I don't lose it or forget it. It was inspired by this pic.

A setting/world/corner of the world. Magic was long ago outlawed for whatever reason seems appropriate. After many generations almost all knowledge of magic, or the ability to work it, is gone.

The only "people" left that know anything of it are . . . goblin shamans. Their "learned" status has lead to them having more open minds than their kin. In fact, for reasons known only to goblin-kind, they eventually drifted apart from the clans, becoming reclusive and living in self-imposed exile.

Now, they are almost like specialists in adventuring parties. If a party perceives a situation where magic may be necessary, they will often seek out a reclusive goblin shaman and attempt to entice him into joining their enterprise. The shaman is rarely trusted, mainly because when they agree to such things, it is for reasons of their own. They have their own agenda for the adventure and they never tell.

Oh, and one more thing. They can't teach their magic, so even if a non-goblin student showed up, it ain't happening. The goblin mind is wholly alien to anything other than other goblins, and goblin complex thought processes are not compatible with any other mind.

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