Wednesday, June 6, 2012

BtPG Magical Catastrophe Table

Here is the Magical Catastrophe Table. Remember, it is only used when a caster attempts spells beyond his normal capacities, and even then, only if the casting roll is a "2". Magic has the potential to be dangerous, if misused. It is not like handling raw plutonium unprotected.

Magical Catastrophe Table
Roll (2d6)
Deformity (1)
A randomly determined physical deformity (horns, red skin/eyes. Boils/warts, etc)
Mindwipe (2)
Caster loses all spells. They must be restudied before they may be used again
Caster suffers damage equal to Rank of failed spell
The caster may not cast another spell for a number of turns equal to the Rank of the failed spell
Mindburn (3)
Caster loses spells equal in Rank to the Rank of the failed spell
Soulburn (4)
Caster permanently loses 1 hp
Visions (5)
Caster is given horrific visions of the fate that awaits all who work magic. Reduce WIZ by 1.

  • + Spell Rank
  • Caster's WIZ

  1. Each time this is rolled it is either a progression of a former deformity, or the beginnings of a new one. A single deformity may only go through three stages. At the first, it is concealable or explainable, the second stage results in -1 to CHAR, with the third stage resulting in a -2. A caster may have no more than three deformities at stage one. If he has three at stage one, any subsequent deformities will be progressions of those already manifest.
  2. The study time for this is not reduced by INT.
  3. The caster may select the spells to be lost. They may be restudied after the caster has rested.
  4. Permanently reduce the caster's hp by 1. Nothing short of a Wish or divine intervention will restore hps lost in this fashion. The pain of this catastrophe never fully fades.
  5. These visions haunt the caster until the end of his days. They fill his dreams and quiet waking moments. The WIZ lose is permanent, and in addition, the caster never again reduces his study time for any reason.

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