Monday, June 4, 2012

BtPG Saving Throws

Just like it says on the tin. Also, I put a persistent link to the most current version of the rules in my "Free Swag" links section, lower right.

Saving Throws
It often happens in the course of adventurous affairs that adventurous sorts must rely on divine providence, dumb luck, and the smiling of Fate herself to carry the day. These necessarily tense times are handled by Saving Throws. There is one base range of Saving Throws for all classes. These are modified by the attribute most related to the attempt and the class of the character.

Roll Required (2d6)

  • + Relevant Attribute
  • Class-based modifier +2
    • IF STR or CON are relevant attributes AND class is MIGHT
    • IF INT or WIZ are relevant attributes AND class is MAGIC
    • IF DEX or CHAR are relevant attributes AND class is MIEN

Some examples of relevant attributes:

STR anything related to pure muscle power
CON anything related to the character's vitality or anything that alters thr character physically, ie polymorph or petrification.
DEX anything that can be avoided by moving out of the way
CHAR there aren't many Saving Throws that benefit from CHAR
INT anything that affects, alters, or attempts to directly control the target's mind
WIZ any other spell or spell-like effect not specifically related to one of the other attributes.

A roll of “2” always fails, regardless of modifiers.

Saving Throws as Task Resolution
While it would lack the “feel” of the Good-At system, there is no reason Saving Throws could not be used to resolve more mundane situations, as well as life-or-death situations. It would be a simple matter of assigning the task a relevant attribute and making a Saving Throw. Want your Mien character to scale a wall? Make a Saving Throw with the DEX mod and class mod. Many tasks could come under more than one attribute, fostering the player to think like their character, seeking any natural advantage they could find in any given situation.

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