Sunday, June 3, 2012

BtPG Overkill™ Table

It may have occurred to some of you that the amount of hp available to characters is quite small. I think that plays well with the combat system as a whole, plus it really fits with a grim-n-gritty S&S feel. Not to mention it speeds up combat. Now, before anyone gets ready to comment on that, let me say that this combat needs a little speed. Most opponents in combat are only going to score a point of damage 16% of the time. This is offset by tossing a few dice at the problem, but still, if everyone ran around with 30 or 40 hp it would take forever.

Still and all, I never intended it to stay "dead at 0" for PCs. I've always loved the way WFRP handled hit points, death, and critical hits. For as long as I have been trying to develop a complete game from Chainmail, I've been trying to implement a similar system. So, here it is, with a snappy name and all. Note that in most cases, the positive and negative mods will wash, or at least get close to it. I really wanted it to basically be a crap-shoot once a character is reduced to this point. He is at the mercy of the Fates.

I've updated the pdf to include this table. It is accessible from the link I provided in the previous post.

The Overkill Table

Whenever a player or important NPC is reduced to 0 hp they are essentially at the mercy of their attacker. Any active defense they can muster is wholly inadequate and my well be met with scorn and ridicule.

The following Overkill™ conditions are immediately in effect:
Defense Type is reduced by one category
The character no longer gains any benefit from DEX
Each time he suffers damage while at 0 hp, roll on the following table:

Roll Effect
0 > Invigorated Character's hp reset to 1hp and Overkill™ conditions no longer apply
1 Providence The character narrowly avoids a fatal blow.
2 Scarred The character is scarred permanently. There is a 50-50 chance of a +1 or -1 to CHAR.
3 Hobbled The character's DEX is reduced by -1. This may be either healed magically or through one complete month of rest.
4 Crippled As Hobbled, but may only be healed magically.
5 Dead The character is killed instantly.
6 + Ruined The character is not only killed, but his body is utterly ruined as far as any sort of resurrection is concerned.

  • + CON
  • + Armor (0 thru 6)
  • + HD (not counting additional hp)
  • Damage suffered this round
  • Weapon Type (0 thru 6)
  • HD of opponent delivering Overkill™ attack


  1. I'm also a fan of the WFRP damage system. (I'm running a campaign right now, in fact) I like what you've done here quite a bit.

  2. Thanks for the compliment, Ryan. I like the mix of the "safety net" of traditional hp and the "shit just got real" factor.