Sunday, June 24, 2012

Step Right Up, Dungeonslayer!

Awesome news. The English translation of Dungeonslayers 4E is finally available. It is 172 pages(!) of booklet formatted goodness. Oh, and did I mention it is free? Well, it is. Hopefully, I'll be posting more about it this week as I read through it. I really liked 3.0/3.5, I was always concerned with its ability to handle long-term character development. It seemed that after a while characters would start looking too similar as remaining development options dwindled. That is something I'll be looking at in this edition. I am confident that with 172 pages to work with, the one-off nature of the previous editions has "grown up".

So, go on, grab a copy, and if you haven't ever rummaged around their site, check it out. There's a lot there, all of it free, as far as I know.

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  1. I hope they corrected some errors about powers from the 4E German version (they were sometimes unclear).