Friday, June 1, 2012

BtPG PDF Update

I have updated the pdf for my Beyond the Pale Gate RPG. The updated pdf includes the fundemental combat rules, the combat table, and the monster stats. With this update, this is a playable system. It is definitely still very rough, but the major systems needed for play are there. If you want to try it out, you'll still need access to some form of basic D&D, preferably the LBBs. You'll need it for things like treasure tables, spell lists, and equipment, for the most part. Those are all things I am going to be addressing as the project continues.

I especially want to work on spell lists unique to the BtPG experience. I feel so pretentious saying that, but I want to provide a unique magical environment for the game. That has always been a design desire of mine, and I think I am at least off to a good start with it here. I want the spells to reflect the idea that I put forward in the rules, about wizards tailoring a casting to achieve a variety of effects based on the efficacy of any particular spell. Sort of a combination of pre-defined spells and free-form casting.

If any of you read this pdf, please tell me what you think. If you actually manage to give it a try, I would love to hear how it handles for you. I know it is very raw, but I've seen enough one-man retros to know it is as complete as a lot of them out there. So, please, give it a look and let me know. I am very excited by this. I want to not only keep its development going, I want to make it the best game it can be.

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