Saturday, June 2, 2012

BtPG Starting Good-Ats PLUS Combat Table Key

There were a few oversights in my rush to update for the weekend. The first one I want to address is this.

Starting Good-Ats

New character start with a number of Good-Ats equal to their Attributes (which will be 3,4, or 5). Note that this is the Attributes and not the amount of points spent on them.

These beginning Good-Ats should be relevant to the Attribute that granted them. So, a character of Mien might have Attributes of DEX+2, CHAR+1, INT+1. Two of his Good-Ats would be DEX related, one would be CHAR, and one INT.

It is a good idea to use these starting Good-Ats to reinforce the character concept. Taking cues from existing D&D classes is a viable option, but really anything that provides a mechanical hook to the role playing concept of the character is good.

Combat Table Key

I realized I forgot to put a key on the Combat Table.


A=d6 Rolled
B=per xHD
C=Number needed to score a "hit". Each hit + 1 point of damage.

So, an 8 HD attacker wielding a Heavy Weapon attacks an opponent with a Defense Class of Armored. The entry on the Combat Table is:

1/2 (He rolls 1d6 per 2 HD)
 6   (He needs a "6" to hit)

This means the attacker will roll 4d6 and score one hit for each "6" rolled.

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