Friday, June 1, 2012


OK, I know I said I wouldn't do this, but I'm an idiot. At first I thought this "project" would be a few of my ideas bolted onto someone else's system. It has morphed more into my take on a separate evolutionary branch of Chainmail. That's ok, because it's something I've been trying for years. Now, this thing has a life of its own. So, I've collected what all I have so far into one document.

The only thing, system-wise, missing at this point is combat. I have that, but I'm currently editing it to bring it more in line with my attribute/character rules. I may have it done this weekend.

Also, I've installed Dropbox. Sharing these writings of mine has been a major thorn in my side, so I'm hoping Dropbox simplifies things. If you do follow the download link, pleas let me know how your Dropbox experience went, so I can gauge how useful it will be moving forward.

And, now, I give you . . .

There is updated stuff in here from the blog posts, it's not just the posts all collected and pdfed. Feedback would be awesome.

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