Monday, March 12, 2012


The two Alternity core books were the only RPGs that survived my house fire back in May last year. I'm very happy for that, since I did always love the game, even though I've never played it. Imagine, then, how happy I was today when the mail man delivered Star*Drive.

Dark*Matter was the only supplement I owned for Alternity. I had plenty of chances to get Beyond F/X and Xenoforms from the FLGS before they went out of business, but there was always some reason not to. They had cleared out their Alternity stock long before, those titles somehow remained, despite the deep discounts.

I discovered D*M and S*D on Amazon recently, and was able to secure both for slightly under $25. D*M should arrive by the end of the week. Star*Drive came from Sherrie's Stuff. I mention that because I want to say that they did a fine job. It was shipped in a very timely manner. Its condition was listed as Very Good, and it certainly was. The binding is tight, the pages are in excellent condition with no marks or tears, and the cover shows only slight rubbing. If this is their definition of Very Good, something listed as New must be absolutely virginal.

I've only briefly skimmed it, so far. I like the breadth of what I see. It looks very comprehensive, covering a wide variety of far-future topics. I have long been intrigued by the notion of a port of 2300AD to Alternity. This may be the keys to that kingdom.

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