Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Items of (Potential) Interest

Over the course of the blog I have written and shared a few things. I've tried to, anyway. I was attempting to do this with Google docs, but apparently it is beyond me, and very few, if any, of you were actually able to access the files. Thanks to the recommendation of Fenway, I created a 4shared account today. If you will look to the left, you will notice that the old "House Rules and Such" page link has been replaced with "Items of (Potential) Interest".

So far, it is pretty sparse. There is a free supplement for Alternity, called Warships. There is also my personal layout of M74 Swords and Sorcery Edition. The share folder (rather unimaginatively titled Beyond the Pale Gate) will only contain freely available material, or crap that I create. Apart from putting some "pasted" art in things of my own devising (such as my M74 edit) there will be nothing in the folder that is restricted. Over time I'll be adding to the folder, but I doubt that I'll populate it with all the stuff from Goggle docs. Some of it I've lost interest in, and some of it never generated any interest anyway (well, the mention of it didn't).

So, there it is. Hopefully you'll find some useful things, or at least something interesting.

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  1. fantastic, thanks for making these available!