Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A New Name for My New Game

All of this new Chainmail-based stuff I've been working on is for my own edification. Maybe I'll get a chance to play one day, maybe I won't. It's fun to design and develop it in its own right, so I'll take that from it. I have no interest or intention of trying to release it under any license. I make it available here for comments, thoughts, criticisms (offered constructively), and as my own personal development log. Having said that, anyone that wants to play with them at their table is more than welcome, either whole cloth or piecemeal, as desired.

Now, when it comes to my own use (if I should ever get so lucky), I want it to look good. In that spirit, I have given it a name and mocked up a cover. The cover is easily recognizable and will never see the light of day as a cover, other than at my hand at my table. I'll show it to you, though, because I like it.

Anyway, the name is a little racy, but spot-on, I think, for the spirit of old school, swords and sorcery adventure I'm shooting for. So, without further ado, I give you


  1. IMHO you could change Whores into Hoes or (even better) into Harlots, for a nice H&H title.

    Harlot was simply a synonym for whore used between 11th and 15th century in England. ^_^

  2. I thought of that, and I liked it, until a thought occurred to me. S&S types never go "harlotting", they go "whoring". That's kind of the point: slaying hordes then go carousing. Repeat.

    Of course, if I changed it to "Hoes" then my first supplement could be Barbarians & Bling. It's pretty much tongue-in-cheek, anyway, cause like I said, I'm just doing it for myself anyway.

    Like the TM in your name, btw. Nice touch.