Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Color Maps

Northeast Corner
As promised, here are the City State Campaign One maps, hand-colored by yours truly. When I split the map into four I tried to allow some overlap to make a more seamless re-assembly.

Southeast Corner

I'm afraid I must admit to something. In this NE corner map I did not realize the symbols along the coast and rivers indicate beach/sand. I thought they were just fairly narrow bands of forest along water. I realized my mistake on the other three maps and corrected it. On the whole, though, I rather like the narrow bands of forests. In retrospect, I wish I'd done more of a mix of the two.

Northwest Corner

My only real issue with these maps is that the names on it are hard to read, and the settlement symbols are a little vague. I may clean those up by hand, I'm not sure. Then again, coloring these was quite relaxing. I may just open the B&W images in GIMP and re-label things and throw in some new settlement symbols while I'm at it. That could be fun. If I do, I'll upload those B&W in case anyone wants to color their own.

Southwest Corner
As I was coloring these, something occurred to me. Most of the stuff from Judges Guild has the old school "make it your own" mentality. There's not much that could really be considered "canon". In a way, coloring these maps for myself follows that philosophy quite well. Hell, I colored coast as forest, and I will again. Once I get the maps back into GIMP I can make other changes if I want. The great thing is, I can make almost any change I want and not have to worry about violating some description or write-up. At the risk of sounding self-important, this almost feels like a collaboration. It definitely feels like fun.

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