Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BtPG Classes

Character Classes
Adventurers are divided into three broad classes, related to how they approach their adventuring careers. The classes are Might, Mien, and Magic.

Adventurers who rely on Might depend on physical solutions to overcome most problems. They may well be quite intelligent, eloquent, or agile, but they always deal with their problems in a direct and usually physical manner.

Adventurers of Might could be called Fighting-men, Rangers, Skalds, Samurai, Paladins, Knights, Barbarians, Soldiers, Mercenaries, etc.

Adventurers who rely on Mien survive on their wits and charm. They may be strong or intelligent, but force of arms or scholarly pursuits are not their way. They deal with their problems by deftly side-stepping or smooth talking.

Adventurers of Mien could be thought of as Thieves, Rogues, Scouts, Bards, Acrobats, Entertainers, Smugglers, Bandits, Outlaws, etc.

Adventurers who rely on Magic depend on unseen eldritch forces to deal with the perils of adventure. They may be strong of arm or glib of tongue, but when trouble starts they summon their magic.

Adventurers of Magic could be thought of as Wizards, Sorcerers, Diviners, Summoners, Fortune Tellers, Soothsayers, etc.

The player is free to use any terms desired to describe his character, but an adventurer of Might has Might as his class, no matter how he is described.

Adds STR in combat
Adds CON to hp
May divide HD among multiple opponents
May wear any armor
May use shields
May use any weapons

May only wear Light Armor
Subtracts DEX from opponent's HD in combat
May Dodge melee attacks
Adds CHAR to Influence and Reaction checks
Adds DEX to Initiative
Only Surprised on a roll of “1”
May only use Light Weapons

Adds INT to number of spells known
Adds WIZ to Casting Rolls
May only use a dagger or quarterstaff
Any other weapons used roll on “Brawling” row (But see below)
May use one-handed magic swords beginning at 5th level
May not wear armor, nor use shields

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