Sunday, February 12, 2012

Walking Dead

Who watched it tonight? Show of hands . . .

I really dig this show, so I hope you won't mind if I post about it from time to time. Tonight's was a good return from their extended holiday hiatus. I'm very curious with how all this farm business will shake out. The group can't stay this big. Sooner or later they'll have to bug out and when they do, who gets left? Or will there be a big killing? Tonight's episode set up a potentially rival group moving toward the farm. That could end badly.

Spoiler Alert!

Turn Back If You Haven't Seen Ep 208! Highlight below to read.

What about that ending? Damn. I love those moments when all of a sudden a guy shows unequivocally how big a bad ass he really is. Tonight was Rick's time to shine. Shane has run around like the only bad ass while Rick's been torn by guilt and the weight of leadership. Rick is the leader for a reason. Tonight he slipped into full cop-mode, read those two clowns, and when the time came did not hesitate to use deadly force.
They did cross a line, though. Only Rick, Glenn, and Herschel know it right now. They have crossed the line into having to kill other survivors. I saw it said somewhere that the zombies aren't the bad guys, they're just obstacles, like a blizzard or raging river. The real bad guys are other survivors with more questionable morals. Tonight we saw how true that will be.

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