Thursday, February 16, 2012

Searchers of the Bell Curve

I see I've had some reads of my posts about Searchers of the Unknown, but no comments. So, I'm wondering, does this intrigue any of you who've checked it out? The reason I ask is that I'm in mind of doing a hack for it and would be very desirous of feedback. I love that the nature of SotU makes it so portable and quick-and-easy to pick up and play. I want to convert it to using all d6 to maximize that portability. I've already got some foundational work done, and I'm sure I'll post it no matter what. I'm just letting anyone interested know it's coming, and also try to get a read on who might really be interested.


  1. When it was first released there was a lot of discussion in a very long thread over at the OD&DD forums; so there prolly is quite a few folk interested. I have a copy, but haven't really studied it. I thought it was a neat idea though.

  2. I found a long (14 page) thread on it. Someone asked about a d6 conversion, someone else said it sounded neat, and that was the end of it. I'm not too worried. That's one of the draws to a lite rule set, to me. It is so easy to muck around with it without fear of some sort of cascade failure.