Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Swords & Shield Goodness

Whew! This guy works fast! Follow the link previously provided to find an updated Pocketmod, and the sample adventure brought up to speed with the updated rules. Also therein you will find the aptly named Longsword & Shield. L&S is the full version of the rules from the Pocketmod. Weighing in at a svelt 6 pages, it is still light. Pound for pound, though, this little gem packs a punch. All that's missing is a more developed spell list, monster "book", and magic items. But, hey, we're OSR folks around here. We live to make that shit up ourselves, right?

My original assessment of this being a good beer-and-pretzels game hold true in Longsword, but it is definitely suited to more campaign play. A little setting-specific fleshing out and this game will do swords-and-sorcery with a bloody vengeance.


  1. Thanks for the very high praise sir! I have a much more fleshed out version being hammered out on the forge!

  2. No, sir, thanks to you for sharing your work. It's my pleasure to help spread the word. I just wish I had a larger audience so I could spread the word further ;) Seriously, though, that is great work and shows that rules don't have to be draconian to facilitate a fun experience.