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3d6 Qualities and Flaws

Some of the descriptions may be a little vague because the mechanics for them aren't ironed out. Overall, what do you think?

Qualities are aspects of the character that are intrinsic to the character. They represent inborn characteristics, such as being resistant to illness or keen vision. They may also represent the effects of life on the character, being such things as wisdom or the ability to withstand hardship.
At generation the player randomly determines the character's starting Quality. This is rolled on the Quality Table, and is the only time the character may gain the Qualities on that table. If the player is willing to risk a roll on the Flaw table, he may either: Select his character's Quality –OR– Roll twice on the Quality Table. The decision to risk the Flaw Table must be made before rolling on the Quality Table. Thereafter, at every 3rd level, the player selects a new Quality. There is no table or list. The player is free to devise any Quality he desires, with referee approval. The only restriction is that the new Quality can not mimic one of the Qualities on the Quality Table. The Qualities on that table represent inborn aspects of the character and are not things that the character will naturally develop as the campaign progresses.

Description of Qualities and Flaws

If the character is a magician this Quality will provide some sort of benefit to casting. If the character is an adventurer, he is able to learn magic, albeit at great difficulty.

Born Leader
This character is able to inspire followers and hirelings. If given time to analyze a tactical situation and formulate a plan, he is able to provide other benefits to his “side”.

This character enjoys a close relationship with a higher power. The player may choose to either: Be able to heal 1 wound per level per day –OR– have a –1 bonus to all saving throws.

Steady Hands
The character enjoys a –2 benefit to all rolls involving manual dexterity, such as picking locks or pockets, gem cutting, or playing a musical instrument.

Icy Veins
This character is virtually fearless in the face of things that would break lesser men. –2 to saving throws vs fear effects. He also never suffers any penalties for having to perform any activities under stress.

Iron Will
This character receives a –2 bonus to saving throws vs any and all mind altering effects.

Keen Hearing
–2 bonus to any rolls to hear things, actively or passively.

Keen Vision
The character's range of vision and visual acuity is increased by 50%.

Lightning Reflexes
The character receives a +2 bonus on initiative rolls. Additionally, any initiative ties automatically go to this character.

Silky Voice
The nature of this character's voice grants a –2 bonus to any roll involving the voice, singing, oratory, bargaining, lying, bluffing, seduction, etc.

This character receives a –2 bonus to saving throws vs poisons or other physical depridations. He also increases his wounds total by 3.

Unnatural Grace
On any roll involving balance or grace this character receives a –2 bonus.

This character is unable to simply take prisoners or be content with besting a foe. Only blood will do.

Poor Vision/Hearing
Randomly determine which. Character suffers a +2 penalty to rolls associated with the Poor sense.

The character suffers a +2 penalty to any roll associated with intelligence, memory, or reasoning. Character may not cast magic.

The character suffers a +2 penalty to any roll associated with balance or manual dexterity.

The character suffers a +2 penalty to any roll associated with physical conditions such as disease or poison.

The character suffers a +2 penalty to any roll associated with mind altering effects.

The character suffers a –1 penalty to Initiative, as well as a +2 to saving throws vs fear effects.

This character is unable to cast spells and may not use any magic item that operates on the wielder's person (potions, for example) or spells that require command.

This character is bereft of the gods. Healing magics are less effective on this character.

Troubling Countenance
This character has an unseemly aura. Any rolls involving personal interaction suffer a +2 penalty.

Character's MV is -1, and Initiative rolls are -1.

Slight Frame
Character suffers a +2 penalty to any rolls related to physical strength.

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