Wednesday, February 29, 2012

M74 Swords and Sorcery

I like most of what I see from Randall, especially the M74 stuff. One thing I'm not thrilled about, though, is the layout. Sorry to be nitpicky, that's just the truth. To that end, I've taken his beta swords and sorcery rules and reformatted them. I've used different fonts, and used different layers of headers. It is all black and white. I've even added some Frazetta b&w drawings. They are very evocative, and I just love his work. I also slightly modified his Tactical Expertise ability. That's the only house ruling in the document.

I have it here in .odt format, used by LibreOffice and OpenOffice, so if you want to hack it up and add your own house rules, change my fonts/layout, or whatever. Being an odt file, no preview will be generated, but you should be able to click File -> Download.

It is also available here as a pdf, if you prefer.

Oh, one more thing, the fonts are sized so that it can be printed in booklet format, for those that prefer that sort of thing. Nothing says old school to me quite like little folded and stapled booklets.


  1. Might be cool--but I can't access the files? Love the microlite work and have donated to support his cause. Looking forward to seeing your versions of the S&S rules.

  2. Apologies. Google docs is apparently beyond me. I have this problem a lot. I test the link and it pops up just fine, then I hear from folks trying and not being able to access whatever it is. Any suggestions on a better way to share these docs would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I use 4shared myself but you can also use mediafire. Tons of pop up ads for the end user--but free.

  4. I'd recommend The Internet Archive for storing such files - they have a great section dedicated to Online Text (books, comics, etc.)

    It's pretty simple to get an account and upload files. It also renders files into different formats if you wish (ebook, tablet, pdf, etc.). And NO ads, pop-ups, etc.

    BTW, I love your newer layout for S&S Microlite74. Much easier to read and nicer to look at. The Frazetta pics just put it over the top.