Sunday, February 19, 2012

3d6 Games Mission Statement

Some of you may have noticed this in the "Current Fancy" area to the left. It is the cover I've worked up for the 3d6 rules I'm working on. It started as a personal spin on Searchers of the Unknown, and those rules have influenced me. However, 3d6 will also incorporate some of my ideas from Crucible. It has grown beyond what I can convey in a single page, or even four.

My design goals are two-fold, at the highest level. I want quick character design, that also engenders a real desire to actually play the completed character. Secondly, I want the actual system mechanics to be simple, quick, and effective. They should be there when needed, stay out of the way when not needed, and be transparent at all times.

The combat system I've already posted is a very strong indication of what you can expect from the systems. I am currently working on the character creation section, which will blend the simplicity of SotU with my ideas for stat-less characters and Qualities from Crucible. Actually, those are the only things I'm keeping from Crucible.

I'm very excited about this project. It's like a lot of different things I've been reading, and ideas I've had off and on over the years have been pieces of a puzzle that I am now bringing together. I'm very happy with the 3d6 roll-under, but I know roll-unders aren't very popular. It's going to manage saving throws and task resolution quite well, I think.

Characters will be class and level, but classes will be very broad in application and level will be more of a method of determining relative capabilities. I would like to get away from the idea that a level is a big homogeneous improvement. I want to make it more individualized based on the player's desire for the character. Character development is a little way off, though. I want to have a rough roadmap for it so I don't end up with beginning characters that won't fit the advancement paradigm, but that's as far as I'm thinking about that right now.

So, if anyone has any thoughts on this "mission statement", I'm dying for some feedback.

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