Thursday, March 31, 2011

Under a Red Sun Dying

The Gods, especially those of Law, return to the Maelstrom unlike anything else. They unravel slowly, agonizingly, many times taking eons to finally die.
Vayn was the Sun Goddess. She was the resplendent, living sun of Kalagris. With her radiant golden hair trailing out behind her, she crossed the daytime skies, bringing warmth and llfe. By night she stalked the Underworld, seeking out her enemies with flaming orange eyes.
Then, she began to unravel. Over many bitter generations of men was Vayn torn limb from limb by the pull of chaos. Her screams of pain rained down from on high and there was nowhere in the world to escape that awful sound. Generations of men were born, lived their entire lives, and died with the sounds of her agony ripping at their ears, and their sanity.
Eventually there wasn't enough of her left and her strength was almost spent. She was unable to maintain her course through the sky. She stopped at her highest point, and there awaited the end. Chaos continued to rip and tear at her, until finally it stopped.
There is no explaination for it stopping. It just did. All that is left of the once mighty Vayn is her heart. It hangs high in the sky over Kalagris, glowing a dull and ruddy blood-red. It yet beats, slowly, its dim light pulsing in time to the pitiful rhythm. Both the sound of the beating and the pulsing bloody glow are said to induce madness in the weak mind, and hopeless despair in the faint heart.
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