Thursday, March 31, 2011

Probability Curves - or put another way - Ring My Bell

This will be brief. I was thinking this morning about probabilities. I am a big fan of bell curves. For some reason, that seems to be true of a lot of "seasoned" gamers. We know who we are. I like 2d6 systems. I'm implimenting them for my thief skills and magic casting rolls. I would like to use it for combat, but it seems to not have enough range to allow for a variety of modifiers. Especially if those modifiers start adding up. Adding +3 to a 2d6 roll is a big deal.
I had this crazy idea, though. Why not 2d10? The basic number of results are the same. Well, almost, there are 19 final results from 2d10. It's the curve vs linear distribution that matters. There's all kind of cool stuff that comes from it.
Anyway, I'm thinking about going with a to-hit roll table based on individual weapons vs specific armor types, a la Chainmail. Convert those numbers to a 2d10 roll, then use the BaB from the Ascending Armor Class option. Those numbers might need some massaging,not sure yet. Either way, it should be easy-peasy.
Now, if only I had some guinea pi-- er, uh, players to test this out on . . .
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