Monday, March 21, 2011

Fighting-Men and Old School Elegance

Ask anybody that has ever gamed with me what my favorite class is and they will tell you. Fighter. No head scratching required. Over 30+ years in the hobby I've played pretty much all of them at least once. Even if it was just a pick-up game on a rainy afternoon. But Fighters are my bread-and-butter.
Naturally, as a DM, then, I want to see Fighters compete well into the upper classes of the campaign. To that end I have devised the following house rules for fighters.

These changes are designed to insure that the Fighting-Man remains a productive member of the adventuring party well into the upper levels.

* Fighters add 1/2 their level to damage caused in combat, either melee or ranged.
* A Fighter's AC improves by -1 at 4th level,and again at 8th level. This bonus only applies when the fighter is armed and capable of defending himself.
* Upon attaining 4th level a Fighter's number of attacks per round improves to 3 attacks per 2 rounds. At 8th level the attacks per round improves to 2 attacks every round.
* At 4th level Fighters gain immunity to spell-based Fear effects. They gain a +2 bonus to saves vs all other Fear effects.
* At 8th level Fighters gain complete immunity to Fear. All allies within 10' of the Fighter are likewise receive a +2 bonus to saving throws versus Fear.
* At 8th level Fighters score a critical hit on a natural roll of 19 or 20, provided the attack hits.
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