Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Restlessness Led Me Here

Unfortunately, this post will be of little real substance. It is more of a solicitation, really. I am very interested to know any opinions and/or experiences with this game. So, if any of you have such, please share.

As much as I love OD&D, and it's "clones", it is definitely a love driven by nostalgia. That is not to imply that the love is not genuine; it certainly is. There is a subtle elegance to those rules that has yet to be matched. OD&D is like that old story of the grandmother baking cookies. She gives her curious grandchildren a taste of all the ingredients individually as they go in, and they agree it tastes pretty bad. Then, the finished cookies are delicious. OD&D is like that to me. Start mucking about with the subsystems and it gets a little sketchy, but taken together it is a thing of beauty.

Anyway, from time to time I do have a desire for a game that is more about what a character can do and less about what they are. I run down the usual suspects, and eventually end up searching new territories. Thus, we come to D6. So, if any of you have any thoughts on this system, I would love to read them. My windows for posting are few and narrow, but if my interest in this system holds, I'll post something more substantive soon.

Until then, here is a link to download the D6 Core Set Bundle, which includes Adventure, Fantasy, and Space. There are also several supplements, all free to download.

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