Sunday, April 14, 2013

A D6 Follow-on Question

This is specifically for anyone that knows both D6 and Burning Wheel.

Instead of setting a TN and adding up all the d6's, what about a system like that in Burning Wheel? A static target number and each d6 that rolls over is a success, with a certain number of successes being needed to complete the task at hand. I like this premise, because it scales between normal "human" capacities, to more heroic capabilities, and up to god-like capabilities. If you're familiar with Burning Wheel, this makes sense, if not, it is beyond the scope of this post to fully explain the system.

I know there are some variations that are similar to this, but I want to hear from people that are experienced with this sort of house rule.

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  1. In fact, there is an official variant of d6 called d6 Legend, where every die showing 3-6 is a success. It was used in the DC Universe game, and the Herculese and Xena games. The details are at