Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Game

After last night, followed by much thought this morning, I'm going to continue developing the ideas I've had. Some will be ideas conceived of for the house rule project, others will be brand new, like the new class/advancement scheme I posted last night. I'm going to keep the name Crucible for this rules set. I'm going to change the subtitle/tagline to: Adventures Dark and Dangerous. Hopefully that won't be construed as straying too close to someone's trademark.

Design Goals
As much as possible, I'm only going to work with Chainmail. Obviously, it is nigh-impossible to simply ignore 35+ years of gaming experience, so nuggets from that experience will make their way in. My figurative goal, though, is to "pretend" Chainmail is all I have. It's the mid 70's, I've read the fantasy supplement to Chainmail and decided to flesh it out. I've never seen D&D, but I have read Brooks, Burroughs, Lieber, and Tolkein.
So, that's the gist of the project. By basing it Chainmail I can, in my own sordid little mind, free myself of the sacred cows of D&D. See, for all my edition-whore posturing, I am OCD about my OSR. If something is going to claim to give me the LBB experience, I don't want it polluted with a lot of house rules. I'm just an ass like that. What this does is give me the opportunity to make D&D from the ground up, for myself, with my ideas.

By the way, as I post development notes here, the subject will be "C:ADD: whatever", to aid in identifying the development posts.

Wish me luck.

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