Thursday, January 12, 2012

An Ironwood Mace to the Side of the Head

O! Lucky day. On a whim I wandered into my favorite used book store today. There, on their meager gaming shelf, was a true gem from my gaming past: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 1st Edition no less. The first, and only, game to tear my former group away from D&D. I absolutely adore WFRP 1E, warts and all. Some of my favorite gaming memories come from WFRP.

My Norscan Pit Fighter named Kevlar. Our party included an elf, who was being played obnoxiously snooty. We were travelling on a river barge. He started treating Kevlar like his valet. It turns out they ended up in a cabin, and the elf made one condescending comment too many. Kevlar quietly closed and latched the door. He grabbed the snotty bastard by the throat and didn't let go until he threw the body overboard. Even when taking a face-full of some sort of icy blast, hurled before the lack of oxygen made casting impossible.

Second, was Tharen, my elven wizard. The campaign was fairly advanced by this point. Tharen wielded an ironwood mace when he needed to get personal. In the culmination of the campaign he was squared off with a rival wizard. Tharen won inititiative, and cast Steal Mind. The GM declared his guy was casting Cause Stupidity (by that time Tharen's Intelligence was impressive). I said I was putting all Tharen's mana into it, he did likewise and we rolled. He failed, and seemed pissed. I failed also, and he cackled something about Tharen being stupid. I said, "That's ok, he doesn't have to be smart to cave your guy's head in with this mace", and I described in detail dragging the mace over to his slobbering, gibbering wizard and dealing him a fairly brutal coup-de-gras.

Big fun. I can not wait to get re-acquainted with this dear old friend.

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  1. My mate got the boxed set when it came out. I ended up running it though, as I did most of the DMing. Anyway, I'm pretty sure it was the last system we played before everyone left school and went their separate ways. That and Golden Heroes.