Thursday, July 4, 2013

Massive Dice

I finally decided to order some dice for DCC. I only ordered d14s and d30s. I can "split" the d14 for a d7. I know I can simulate the d30 with a d10 and d6 as an "adder", but I didn't want to. I didn't get the d16 or d24 because I was worried they may look too similar to other dice (maybe I over-thought that one). Anyway, I ordered them Sunday and they arrived yesterday. That is freakishly fast. Oh, and they are HUGE.

Here are a couple of pics, one alongside a d20 and d10, in front of my DCC tome, you know, for perspective. The other is my dice box with the new boulders occupying almost 20% of the box.

I love being a game geek. A lot has made of nostalgia. This whole DCC experience has really taken me back, right down to having to mail order things I want for the game. This is so awesome and I am loving it.


  1. I have some big clunky dice for DCC too. Koplow I think. I did go for the d16 and d24 from Gamescience though.

    1. Yeah, these are Koplow from Gamescience, through Amazon. I'm quite pleased with the dice and the service.

  2. I picked up a whole bunch of the new dice at a con last year and I loved the new dice feeling it gave me. I've had d30's for a couple decades now...