Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Link

I've updated the link associated with the OSR logo to the right --->

The new link is an excellent write-up/graphic depiction of what several retroclones are actually cloning. I found it to be a very good intro when I first discovered the OSR, then I lost track of it. Now that I've "found" it, I am happy to share it with my readers. Thanks, Rockjaw, for such a cool, informative break-down.

Also, for the convenience of anyone interested, I have uploaded a copy the Old School Primer by Matt Finch. It's on my GoogleDocs (link at bottom of page). It is freely available, and does a fine job of describing what it means to play "old school". Definitely worth a read, even if you started with the old school games a million years ago, like me. Years of bad habits and games can obscure the essence of what made gaming fun to start with. I found this little document a fine reminder.

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